Visa Requirement’s

Moroccan Visa requirements:

The visa application form is to be typed in CAPITAL LETTERS

Please arrange all required documents in the following order:

  1. A valid Biometric passport with at least 6 months validity (previous passports to be attached).
  2. Covering Letter on Letter head (to attention Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco – Islamabad)

         In case of business visa, please attach your business profile,

  1. NTN Certificate copy and  current last  paid Tax payer documents
  2.   Job Certificate with Salary details  ( If you are salary person)
  3.     Photo copy of passport on a full A-4 size paper, the paper should not be cut down to size.

         Copy of passport should include the first two pages and any pages with endorsed visas of other countries (especially Europe, UK &US Visas)

  1. Copy of National Identity Card  on A-4 size paper, the paper should not be cut down to size.
  2. Photographs Size 4x3cm with Blue Background (Three Photos)
  3. Personal Bank statement for last 6 months.
  4.  return Airline ticket (Reservation)
  5.  Hotel reservation or a “Voucher”
  6.  Documents should be submitted in 3 sets. Documents should be submitted at least three (3) weeks prior to the traveling date.
  7.    In case of business visa, the invitation letter should be attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Morocco and  from Mukata (Moroccan Notary public).
  8.  In case applicant is invited by any Moroccan citizen, the invitation letter should be attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Morocco and  Mukata (Moroccan Notary public) along   with copy of passport and National card.
  9. for Female (Single) & students required permission letter from parents with their NIC copy.
  10. Please confirm VISA FEES with the Moroccan Consulate prior to submission of documents.
  11. Vaccination Certificate from Nadra
  12. Birth Certificate Copy with FRC Copy
  13. Travel Insurance

Special Instructions (only for Karachi) before submission of documents (Must be follow)

First of all Please send  Scan following documents by email (
for Picture use JPEG.

1- Visa Application Form with Applicant signature
2- Photograph with Blue Background (4x3cm)
3- Copy of CNIC
4- Passport fast page and all endorse visas , Specially  Canada, UK, USA, Schengen visa & all previous Morocco Visas.(Color Copy) (3 to 4 visas copy)
5- Invitation Letter received from Morocco with Attestation of MOFA.
6- Covering Letter (To be attention Embassy of The Kingdom of Morocco Islamabad)
7- Job certificate with Salary detail
8- Hotel Reservation
9- Air Ticket
10- Bank Statement for scan  1st page and last 3 page
11- NTN Certificate
12- Tax Payer Paper (current paid )
13- Travel Insurance

14 – Family Registration Certificate (FRC)

15-  Covid Vaccination Certificate


* The minimum time duration of the visa processing is 3 weeks, however it can be vary in some cases.
* The Embassy reserves the right to reject any visa request without mentioning the reason.
* The Applicant having residence visa of any other country may apply for Moroccan visa from the country of residence.
* Incomplete documents will not be entertained.
* Documents, once submitted, shall not be returned back to the applicant.

In case of any assistance, you may contact:

Shama Mirza
Visa officer
Baig Tower, Plot No E-6, Floor 6, Block 7&8, Central Commercial Area,
Main Shara-e-Faisal Karachi- Pakistan.
Tel: (+92) 021-34150651-54
Fax: (+92) 021-34150650


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