Visa Application

Follow these steps to start the visa application:

Step One: Download the form by clicking here >>
Step Two: Fill the form
Step Three: Upload/Drag the form here

Information Required from Applicant

Required Document to be Attached

1- Visa Application Form
2- Copy of CNIC
3- Covering Letter (address to the embassy of Morocco Islamabad)
4- Passport fast page and all endorsed visas of especially Canada, UK,
USA, Schengen visa & all previous Morocco Visas.
5- Job certificate with Salary detail
6- NTN Certificate &Current Paid Tax returned Documents
7- Hotel Reservation
8- Air Ticket
9- Bank Statement 1st page and last 3 pages with bank maintenance
10- Covid Vaccination Certificate from Nadra
11 Birth Certificate Copy with FRC Copy
12 Invitation Letter (If received from Morocco with Attestation of
MOFA colored copy)

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